Release v0.1.0

This is the first release of the httpc framework.

What is httpc

httpc is a javascript/typescript framework for building function-based API with minimal code and end-to-end type safety.

Major features are:

Quick glance

No boilerplate

You just write functions and export them. No need to worry how the server will execute them.

function add(a: number, b: number) {
    return a + b;

function greet(name: string) {
    return `Hello ${name}`;

export default {


Run common logic via middlewares.

import { httpCall } from "@httpc/server";

const getPostById = httpCall(
    Authenticated(),    // <-- authentication check
    Validate(String),   // <-- parameters validation
    Cache("5m"),        // <-- result caching
    async (postId: string) => {
        const post = await"posts").where("id", postId);
        if (!post) {
            throw new NotFoundError();

        return post;

Context ubiquity

You can access the request context from everywhere in your application.

async function getPosts() {
    const { user } = useContext();

    let category = "news";
    if (user) {
        category = user.preferredCategory;
        trace("Getting user preferred posts");
    return await"posts").where("category", category);

function trace(message: string) {
    const { requestId } = useContext();
    console.log(`[req:${requestId}] ${message}`);


Hooks encapsulate common logic around the request context.

async function addNewComment(postId: string, message: string) {
    const user = useUser();

    if (!useIsAuthorized("comment:create")) {
        throw new ForbiddenError("Cannot add comments");

    return await db.createComment({


You can host a full httpc API inside a serverless environment like Vercel, AWS Lambda or Netlify functions. This gives the advantage to deploy a single serverless function handling the whole API.

Client generation

Through @httpc/cli you can generate a specific client for your API with a natural syntax developers are familiar with.

const user = await"[email protected]");
const posts = await client.posts.getByUser(;
const newComment = await client.posts.addComment(posts[0].id, {
    text: "Hello",


The home site with documentation is live. For now documentation covers initial steps and basic scenarios. Full documentation is working in progress, as there are many of areas to cover.

Head to issues or discussions for any info or requests.

Project status

httpc is experimental. It’s in its infancy stage. You can try it, adopt it in hobby projects. But it’s not ready for production.

The API is not stable yet. Breaking changes will happen.

httpc is under heavy development. You can checkout the Changelog and the Roadmap for future features.


This is the first release of the httpc framework. This release includes:


Adapters are released with a prerelease tag.